You can’t always get what you want.

Iluka Bowls Club – Busy Day

Japan wasn’t high on our list of destinations. We had determined that due to last year’s ‘best holiday ever’ stint in Venice, we would aim at something a little more local – something like a week or two at the beach. Now despite my hatred of the beach, I was all for a relaxing time by the sea.

It didn’t take long too establish that the cost of accommodation was going to exceed the total cost of our five weeks in Venice. For me, a quote of $5,000 dollars for 12 days in a two bedroom flat in Iluka (near Yamba) was all the spark I needed to be open to Pip’s suggestion of looking abroad. Come to think of it, Pip had all the costs very close at hand when the Iluka quote came in… 

Still, and absolutely ridiculously, the cost of three return air fares to Tokyo and a week in a hotel was the same as some dodgy gaf in Yamba. Once you’ve had tea at the Iluka Bowls Club, or the RSL or the Leagues, or whatever the local pokie hole is – that’s it.

We weighed it up – Iluka Tokyo – Iluka Tokyo. It wasn’t long before the hand holding Iluka was down near the waist and the Tokyo hand was up near the head.

1-10 covered

So despite the fact that the airline would be a budget one with a Star in it’s name – we’re off to the Orient. This trip is vastly different to any we’ve undertaken before. Our preparation is rushed. Our minds have not been turned towards Japan as much as they should have. We’re having Christmas lunch for 22 at our house the day before we leave and we’re both working till Christmas Eve.

Eamon, our son, will be our saviour though. He got an ‘A’ for his first semester of Japanese so, as long as we only buy stuff that costs 10 or less and only need to greet people with our names, we’ll be fine!

Hurry on Boxing Day!


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  1. Huzzah! Happy travels, Urban Gent! I doubt I'll be thinking of you as I run eight times around Albert Lake on 27th. But I'll check in on your adventure from times to times. PS – love the blog format. Inspiring me for my future sojourn to the UK. OKBAI.



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