OK, it’s time for sayonara

Christmas lunch

Christmas can be said to be done and dusted. We carefully chose to make today a luncheon event rather than an evening one – a bit more pressure early on, but as I write it’s just after 10pm and only the house guests are left. The mess is not exactly cleaned up, but there is a plan for it to be dealt with. The quiet music is playing (Hermitude) and I’m thinking about packing. The other two are packed-ish and the taxi is ordered for 5:45am. 

Today was a roaring success – the Spanish Theme was roundly lauded and the goat…! What a delicious meat. A bit like lamb but not as rich or fatty. The char-grilled sardines tasted like the ocean and were fabulous as were the mussels. The homemade ice-cream and orange cake doused in sherry rounded off a day of culinary excess and, fortunately, great fun. Only casualty of the day was the oven which gave up just prior to completing the potatoes which required a quick transfer to the BBQ to be finished off.

Sardines from heaven…

I should really stop typing now and go and pack a bag for 10 days overseas. Have already got the passports safely tucked in my satchel to avoid a repeat of the last minute dash home.

Talk to you from Japan.


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