April 1985 Easter and Videos

April 1985 and my new neighbourhood of New Farm was a sad focus for Queensland. How fondly we look back at the Continuity of Supply Act. I started the month with another marathon screen-printing session at UQ Activities under the whip of Damien Ledwich and his damn 4 colour design for Off The Top. Buffy Lavery and I pulled an almost all-nighter after a day at work and work again the following day. How the hell did I do that so often without the invention of Red Bull… starting to understand the copius amounts of coffee my diary refers to.

My new house seemed to be cruisin’ – Ron Layne moved in and shortly afterwards his Mum, Gladys came to stay. I took the plunge and hired me one of them new fangled video players from Canberra TV – it was christened with Woody Allen’s Broadway Danny Rose with the pleasant surprise that the video had a short with it – Los Trios Ringbarkus’s Tennis Elbow. I don’t recall that film being particularly memorable.

Easter that year was a series of 4 hour breakfasts; dinner at the Breakfast Creek Hotel; dinners with Ruth Propsting, Buffy Lavery and Maria Cleary, and; theatre and radio. I acquired a drum machine for a reason I did not note and I obtained and took a polaroid camera to a ‘Going Away’ Party for Johnny Whip, but I don’t recall where he went. Post Easter week seemed to have been unremarkable, except I did see Local Hero for the first time, on a video from the shop on the corner. I still love that movie.

Pip and I had lunch at the Cubana Coffee Lounge at the end of an arcade in Albert St, more visits to Le Scoops, more radio spot production at 4ZZZ and videos, more videos. There were many meetings for Off The Top which was a Caberet Festival at La Boite that seemed to have the luxury of a bump-in and tech week – very flash compared to the one nighters I was have reported to date.

This brings me to the 14th of April 1985 and I’ll change my tack from now on – reviewing one 27year-old day at a time. Should make for much shorter bursts. 


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