April 15, 1985 – It can’t all be action.

Now that I’ve caught up with my 1985 diary, I can start to look at each day as they came. Monday 15th April. Number 1 on the charts was We are the World by USA for Africa. I underwent a normal working day at the United Service Club on Wickham Tce, where I held the exalted role of Cellarmaster, which in truth was just a fancy name for bottle shop manager – there were cellars and I had the key and plenty of tastes, so in some respects I may well have been a Cellarmaster. I recall a lot of whisky action for Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s media advisor – he’d back up the Fairlane and I’d fill the boot with single malts and cognac off the top shelf – seeing Allen always meant I’d make the sales figures for the month.

I used to either walk, catch the bus or ride my bike from New Farm to Wickham Tce – the perk was a proper lunch from the restaurant kitchen. April 15 is a terrible day to start this day-by-day account and review, as by my own description it was, “…most uneventful”. I report watching Channel 2 until Anne Jones came home. It seems Anne cooked dinner for some people called Bill and Jenny, who I obviously felt I would remember in future and chose not to record surnames and then Pip came over and, as every 1985 evening was wont to end, we drank coffee.

Pip had been working at La Boite, which meant she had a technical role int he Off The Top Cabaret Festival that had bumped in the day before. Oh well, it seems this Urban Gent had quiet days as well.

Gateway Bridge April 1985


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