16/4/1985 Primavera, Suzanne Dowling and Myers

It was Tuesday so it must have been a normal work day – reminders to pay money to Myers for the TV (I recall they were silly enough to give me a MyerCard and I was silly enough to immediately max it out and spend years paying it back). Reminders also to make phone calls to book studio time at Triple Z in order to make ‘spots’ and foyer tapes and sound tapes for the Off The Top festival that was looming.

I recall my employer insisting on me wearing a uniform – kind of the same colours as a Police uniform but with no badging – and this causing me untold difficulties in transporting appropriate apres work attire. After work that day it was straight to the theatre for a tech meeting about Off The Top, then to a Spring Hill restaurant called Primavera with Pip, Primavera rings a bell but I can’t recall it – trusty Google leads me to believe that it was Brenda Fawdon of Mondo Organics’ first outing.

Dinner was followed by a trip to Dorchester St to afffix posters to boards, unsuccessfully and the day ended with TV – Rock Arena (yeah – Suzanne Dowling was the host then…)



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