17/4/1985 – The Year of the Wak

I’m finding my stamina amazing. April 17th 1985 was the third day in a row that I worked full-time, (in quite a physically demanding job), then went to La Boite Theatre or 4ZZZ or somewhere till 2 or 3 in the morning. I was obviously feeling OK, because I walked from work on Wickham Tce to the Valley in my lunch hour to purchase what I describe as a pair of Nike gym boots. Whether or not Nike have ever applied their tick to a pair of gym boots I cannot be sure, but these little beauties moved me to write, “B-B-B-Breakdance!” in my diary. I do know that I have never in my life B-B-B-Breakdanced.

Must have been a Wednesday night of little merit – I did washing before catching a bus (am I sure this is me!) into the city and then a cab to La Boite, where Pip and I added another layer of paint to the stage floor and fiddled about, theatre-style, till 2am.

I guess that a quiet day like this is opportunity to pause and reflect upon what it was that we were fighting against in Brisbane 1985 – without a doubt, I think I safely say that I, and all those I knew and mixed with would have gladly given their lives in the battle against Wickety Wak (go on – click it) and their kind and all they stood for.

1985 Computing


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