18/4/1985 To record or not…

Following on from the theme of ‘not much going on’, April 18th 1985 reared its boring head on a Thursday morning. For me, that meant work as usual but also, my diary reminds me that the crux of the day was in the evening. Belying my current hatred of the bus as a form of public transport, I caught the bus from work to home at New Farm. (As an aside, I wonder whether Brisbane in 2012 has reached the bus ‘tipping’ point – the point at which the Council’s one-eyed solution to traffic congestion – ie. the bus – becomes the problem. cf. Victoria Bridge in peak hour. – Discuss.)

Uncannily, I collected a small Gold Lotto win from a newsagency (Uncanny because I collected a similar tiny Gold Lotto win this very day – Spooky, no?)

Once home from work and, I assume changed like Superman from a mild mannered, blue uniformed Cellarmaster into the suave, urban youth I believe I must have been, Pip picked me up and transported me in her tiny Suzuki Hatch to La Boite to collect tapes and then to UQ to the Triple Zed studios to record several hours of foyer music. Home by 11pm.

Thank goodness 1985’s tomorrow is Friday and the opening of the much vaunted Off The Top cabaret festival.


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