20/4/1985 The Duke and Duchess of QPAC


There was royalty in Brisbane on April 20, 1985. I know this from Google, not from my diary. The Duke and Duchess of Kent were in town on a mission to open QPAC – the Queensland Performing Arts Centre – a shining example of Joh’s booming Queensland. I had obviously declined any invitations I may or may not have received on the grounds that I did not own a pair of walk shorts with a self-belt and long socks. O’er the river at dear old La Boite, Off The Top was hitting out with a cabaret show.


The Clifford Holden Radio Hour featuring, Des Bradman & the Inswingers who, according to the clipping I saved, were a “fantastic 14 piece dance band”, able to channel the 30’s and 40’s were on offer from 11pm on this QPAC-ey day. No idea about Cliff other than a hazy recollection of the name; a sneaking suspision that John Caskey may have been him, and a note reminding me that Pip and I were once again painting the theatre floor at 8:30pm on a Saturday night (and I sadly don’t think that “painting the floor” was a euphemism for anything).

Apparently, Clifford wasn’t for me or Pip that night and post-painting we headed out to The Tortilla in the City for dinner at 10pm. The Tortilla was at the Charlotte St end of Elizabeth Arcade, with terra cotta tiles and whitewashed walls and a special Tournedos Rossini, which I recall to this day. Dinner melted into a party at Maria Cleary’s house, which I believe may have been in Gladstone St at Paddington.

Thank you Buffy Lavery for the Off The Top and Pirates posters



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