21/4/1985 Where was the Colony House?

Back in 1985, April 21 was a Sunday and a welcome chance to sleep in – all the way to 9am. Yet again my diary reports breakfast at the Colony House with Pip. Where was this damn Colony House and how can I have breakfasted there so many times and have absolutely no memory of it? Breakfasts are important and I still log them today.

Breakfast led, as it seems it so often did, to a trip to La Boite – this time for a rehearsal for something called, Raw Roar – (I got nothin’). The afternoon was video time and we watched Altman’s, Come Back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. The younger me reviewed it as “a great movie” – the contemporary me can’t remember a thing about it, except of course I’m fairly sure it had Cher in it.

After the video it was back to La Boite for what I’m also fairly sure was not a common occurrence – a Sunday night show. Pip and I saw The Clifford Holden Radio Hour starring a nervous, by my report, John Caskey as Cliff.

I found a photo that illustrates how urbane and sophisticated Brisbane was in 1985 – the local elections had just delivered us a new Mayor… by a liberal landslide, I think.



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