24/4/2012 Funny Stories and Fun Times


La Boite Theatre was still in full cabaret flight on April 24, 1985. Off the Top opened a show called Pumping Blood 2: The Musical by a group from Sydney called, Funny Stories. Now I’ve searched Google and Bing and any other damn search engine I can think of for information about this show or group and there’s a dearth of information on them and onthis era – the recently pre-internet years. So for Funny Stories, all I have is the review of a younger me – “The ‘Funnies’ do an absolutely disgusting show for about an hour and 15, but they’re disgusting (totally) without being sexist or racist.” 

Off the Top also provided a late show that Wednesday night – I guess the public holiday the next day enabled that – a show called Fun Times Inc which appears to have been a Chris Maver extravaganza. Wow! Chris Maver is a name I haven’t uttered for a good 25 years or more and clever Mr Google advises me that he’s still producing ’em. (See pic below from Fruit Tingle Cabaret at Judith Wright Centre)


Even back then, Chris Maver shows commanded a niche audience and Pip and I chose to miss the late show and return to Dorchester St.



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