25/4/1985 Off the Top with Mr E

ANZAC Day 1985 and my diary tells me I’d forgotten about it. Come on – who forgets a day off? Especially a day with it’s own motto about not forgetting. I’ll take it as read, but I’m reading carefully now. I reckon the amount of time I spent at La Boite in 1985 was a little excessive. 10am rehearsals for a show called, Raw Roar about which I know nussingk. Nussink at all. But I attended reharsals prior to visiting my grandfather to borrow his mower and attack our Merthyr Rd grass.

Mower back and over to Pip’s for some afternoon videos – seemed I was a fan of crap videos back then – and now. Watched Firefox and, for some reason I cannot understand or explain, Beauty and the Beast. We watched the videos with John Caskey and Eugene Carchesio, so I will blame them for them, no just Eugene, for the video choices. I blame Eugene because he’s so arty.

Still the Off the Top Caberet festival rolled on. Tonight’s opened with a local magician, Dave Lord and his Magical Mr E. I believe that I recall this particular performance because I was magician’s assistant. I recall a lycra jumpsuit and and being placed into a sack inside a trunk behind a curtain, whereupon following the traditional flourish and magical intonations, I emerged dressed in the magician’s black suit and he was released from the trunk and the bag wearing the lycra. Sworn to secrecy for 27 years, I can now reveal that the… nope. I cannot reveal this secret now Google has shown me Dave’s still going. Dave was followed the Sezel People’s BigBand, Funny Stories, No Standing Allowed, a film and finally, after 11pm, Gerry Connolly.


That’s a big night of theatre in anyone’s books – specially after mowing a large yard and watching Beauty and the Beast.


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