28/04/1985 – Raw Roar BBQ

Sunday – 28 April 1985. I wonder how many times I went to La Boite that day? Looks like only two – I must be backing off! The day started with a brunch at the New Farm Park Kiosk with Pip, Gerry Cleary and John Kelly. The kiosk still had 15 years to go before it would burn to the ground and be replaced with a shipping container. Here’s a pic from 1985 I found in the National Archive (Image no. :A6135, K16/12/85/48)


Naturally, half way through brunch I needed to go to the theatre and meet Buffy Lavery for a quick trip to Springwood to borrow a BBQ from a school principal known to her. That BBQ was the centrepiece of the Sunday night Off the Top – BBQ Show. Bit of a short show apparently, being Sunday night and all – Funny Stories followed by something called Raw Roar that I did the lights and sound for (apparently?).

Anyway, I digress, after BBQ procurement duties I returned to New Farm Park to eat more food, this time with Buffy, then home to wash my clothes before returning to the theatre and the aforementioned BBQ to cook sausages. 

This is what it was like in Brisbane in 1985… Click here

and here’s a 1985 Bris-band – Lovers in Bunkers (circa 1985)



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