27/04/1985 Mental as UQ Union

Whoops! I forgot a day… Whatever happened to Saturday April 27th 1985 – I know I’m curious. This must be read in the context of occurring prior to the day I wrote about yesterday, and I’ll mix things up even more by attempting to change the date of this post. Keep you wits about you reader.


Again, this being a Saturday and back in the day, I worked at the gentleman-officer’s club until 12 noon. That was how Saturday morning shopping rolled and I’m not sure if we had what we called ‘late night shopping’ yet. That meant Thursday nights till 9pm in the suburbs and Friday night till 9pm in the City (and New Farm). Crazy stuff! There was much talk in the media and on the buses and in the taxis about the morality and the necessity of shopping so late into the night or even after noon on Saturdays. So, it was home after work then back to La Boite for Raw Roar rehearsals where we re-did the lights and ran through the show. (Still no recollection of this show….).

Rehearsals over and I drove with Peter Williamson (who recall as a Triple Zed person, rather than a theatre one?) to get a BBQ from UQ Activities for the Sunday night BBQ show. Now my diary says, and I quote, “…usual UQ Union hassles meant we couldn’t get it.” C’est la Vie, apparemment.

I left the theatre and went to Pip’s to watch Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million


 and Oz – A Rock’n’Roll Road Movie. We ended the evening on the verandah listening to Mental as Anything who were playing at the University.


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