30/04/1985 Harold’s Posh Maccas


Another theatre-free day was Tuesday April 30 1985. La Boite still had Off the Top showing, but my day and evening were spent with Pip. I slipped out of work and met her for lunch at Harold’s Posh Cafe in Boundary St at Spring Hill. – interesting side note – it turns out that Harold Fleming used to run Harold’s Posh Cafe and it was Harold Fleming I was watching this very morning, flipping pork buns at Brisbane’s first pop-up restaurant, The Bun Mobile, which was moored near the Loading Dock Cafe in West End while I was breakfasting – I’ve not come that far in 27 years!


Anyway, lunch with Pip it was then back to work and out to meet Pip again – this time at McDonalds in George St where she collected me to go to the Triple Zed studios at UQ to produce another Off the Top spot for the radio. My diary tells me I also had an invitation to a wine tasting that IH Baker (purveyors of Henschke Wines at the time) were holding at Rags Restaurant in Paddington. But there’s an ‘X’ beside that so ZZZ must have had more pulling power than Hill of Grace. Ol’ diary also tells me I had to call David Aberdeen but does not tell me why. David was the Triple Zed technical guru as I recall.

After the production stuff at Triple Z, it seems like more TV and even more coffee till 12:30am on another school night!



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