1/5/1985 Zip-etty Who?


This diary is really letting me down – I’ve reached May 1, 1985 and it just seems to be a list of things I didn’t do. I didn’t go to the theatre to see Off the Top, so I missed Funny Stories. I missed Sugar’n’Spite, who I think were undertaking something called, Torso Bongo. I also missed my old mate Mark Ross and Zip Troop (famous for Ironing Board and Rat Trap Dancing) and I also missed Thrills & Spills Present… Now I don’t know what the majority of these shows were, but I missed them… I blithely noted in my diary…”going to OTT – Maybe tomorrow”.

My pithy excuse was apparently a tough day at work with no assistant to do the hard lugging for me. Instead of enjoying the theatrical smorgasbord that was so obviously on offer at La Boite, I opted, this day, for pizza and chianti with Pip and John Caskey (I certainly hope the chianti was of the type that came in the twee cane basket and could be used as a candle holder afterwards). Watched Quadraphenia on video.


Today’s a bit light on – so heres a 1985 treat!


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