2/5/1985 Roasted Headache


Well poor me – I reported to my diary that I had a headache on 2nd May 1985, and it was no ordinary headache, it was a ‘disgusting’ headache. I can only assume it was the type of headache that sat around in it’s underpants and burped and spat…


Anne Jones collected me from work and found our way to Famish in Brunswick St at New Farm – home of super-sized, roast dinners and lakes of gravy – obvious headache food. La Boite still had the cabaret season rolling along; tonight was Torso Bongo, Street Arts Jugglers, Lil Kelman’s Party Line, Funny Stories, a show called, Brave New World and finally, Gerry Connolly and Banana Muskouri (I can’t remember who it was that became Banana?). I stayed home. This week was obviously a theatre de-tox.

I noted a phone call from the lovely Lindy Woodward, a former journalist at both Semper and Triple Zed and then a Sydney resident. I noted also that Pip came over to watch the final episode of an ABC program (note the careful use of the term ‘program’ – it feels more ABC somehow than ‘show’) called The Fast Lane, which I suspect was a John Clarke comedy-detective series.

Anyhow – my headache went away.


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