3/5/1985 Shopping with Continental Robert


I should like to start by acknowledging the Norwegian superstars, Bobbysocks! on their magnificent EuroVision win on this day in 1985.


Finally made Friday, May 3rd 1985. What a lack lustre week. Maybe this was my life back then? Maybe all that theatre stuff was an exception? Maybe the stuff that isn’t in my diary was the stuff that mattered and all the rest – mere fru-fru.

Anne Jones, Ron Layne and I headed out to Coles at New Farm to do our weekly shopping – this of course would have been in the pre-Merthyr Village days. My diary hints that Ron was supposed to attend to provide some kind of thrifty influence over Anne and I. Sadly, it is recorded that his influence urged us on to new heights of grocery decadence – $91 for the week!


This is where we were living at 160 Merthyr Rd, New Farm

It’s further recorded that Pip came over and that I cooked an excitingly ethnic dish called, spaghetti with ham, cream and garlic and then had an early night. Surely, I could have forseen the fact that I would be trying to write something interesting from this diary 27 years hence and popped in something a bit more spicy than, “having a relatively early night”.

What was I thinking.

I shall pad this entry with a film clip of a favourite of the time – released in April/May of ol’ 85 – and pose the question, “Where is ‘Continental’ Robert now?”

Of course, la Google knows…


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