4/5/1985 Fluba was the word


Saturday, May 4th 1985 – defintely time to return to the theatre more than once daily. I hadn’t given it up after all. I managed to wangle my way out of work and instead took to Saturday morning shopping with Pip. Remember that the shops only opened till 12:30pm on Saturdays lest the burghers of Brisbane be lured into convenience and complacency. This shopping trip was, however, cut short by my required presence at a tech run of a Fluba Troupe show at La Boite.

Fluba Troupe, as I recall, was an avant-gardey, arty UQ Theatre Group (I think they had connections with UQ, but that may be my memory being influenced by videos of performances of their’s at the Cement Box theatre. Can’t remember who they were – maybe Annie Henderson/O’Dowd? What my role in this tech run was long since buried itself deep within the folds of my aging brain.

After tech running, it was home for what must have been a delightful lunch Phil Cullen, Kerry Davies (if this was ‘Davis’ – I apologise! I recall some ‘to-do’ about this being one way or the other) and baby, Brodie, David Pyle, Anne Jones and Damien Ledwich. Sounds like a lunch I might like again.

Post-luncheon twas back to La Boite with Pip and John Caskey where Off the Top was still running. Funny Stories were still running (a 7pm and a 9pm show) and then later, a show called Roach Approach by ADAT students from BCAE at Kelvin Grove. BCAE was to become QUT in a later life. ADAT was the Associate Diploma in Arts (Theatre), which boasts among it’s distinguished alumni, the recently elected Councillor for Division 10 in the Redlands City Council, Paul Bishop. The evening’s theatre was made complete with a show called, Brave New World.


Top of Grey St – Southbank today


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