5/5/1985 Good Clean Oysters


A lazy Sunday afternoon featuring a three hour breakfast – that was the crux of May 4th, 1985. I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the theatre, however not La Boite. Anne Jones and I attended a preview of a show called Boisterous Oysters, at what I casually refer to as the P.A.C. Now, over time, this has become QPAC, but in May of 1985 it was still in the midst of its opening celebrations and we had not yet developed a catchy, rap-style nickname like Q-Pack).  Boisterous Oysters was a dance program with Murri children developed for the opening of the Queensland Cultural Centre. I must have been channelling my inner nanna when I described it as “Lovely.”, and “good fun.” I feel I should have stuck a ‘clean’ in there for the sake of nannas everywhere.

Not normally one for ‘The Dance’, so I guess a nanna description was at least praise. Anne and I arrived home and came upon our other house buddy, Ron Layne in the lounge room, whereupon we embarked upon an ambitious breakfast feast recorded as being of some 3 hours in length. I do remember this happening quite a lot with this particular trio.


The Ron Layne of recent years…

Even my diary has resorted to using ‘again’ in describing my never ending, ‘spent the evening with Pip and John” entries. 


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