6/5/1985 A tidy Rutle


May Day. 6th May 1985. Public Holiday. A cocktail party on the verandah of my house at 6pm. That’s more like it! A bit of alcohol action. Fascinatingly, my diary suggests that I headed home intent on extracting the maximum value from the Public Holiday by tidying my room. Sounds more like I was 15…

As a side note, today was also the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the University of Queensland. Must have missed that dainty Garden Party.


I am pleased to discover though, that upon returning home I was waylaid by a group of women lunching on the verandah and arm-twisted into joining them. They were Buffy Lavery, Liz Armstrong, Anne Jones and Danielle Bond – women not to disobey. I note that the attraction of tidying my room was also outweighed by the opportunity of watching The Rutles on video.

Well, one thing had obviously led to another and post-Rutles held a trip to Springwood in store for me. The BBQ from last Sunday’s BBQ performances needed to be returned to its rightful owner, Buffy’s principal. Made it there and back in time for a Fluba Troupe dress rehearsal at La Boite.

Sadly it would appear that my messy room avoided cleaning and interestingly enough, the cocktails on the verandah at my place coincided with my trip to Springwood – I sense a conspiracy…


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