7/5/1985 Lochum Klaphop Council

I’m fading out and it’s only May 7th 1985. I knew all those late school nights would come to naught. Some time in the day, and I do recall constantly going up and down the damn tunnel that runs from the bottom of the Wickham Tce car park to Anzac Square, I managed to pay rent and rental on the TV.


Object of Desire – 1985

Following my full day’s work in the underworld of the United Service Club – talking crap about wine with the toffs, I found my way to the Tortilla restaurant at the Charlotte St end of the Elizabeth Arcade. My diary tells me I bought two fried beef burritos and took them to a cab rank; and then took them in a cab to La Boite theatre for pre-rehearsal consumption. Also prior to the rehearsal was a meeting of the La Boite Council – I had become a member of the board by virtue of the fact that I was part of the La Bamba committee and the La Bamba committee made much moolah which went to the theatre – there was a time when La Bamba was raking in more cash than the main house productions (as I recall) and oddly most of it on the bar.

I’ll take my diary’s written word for it that was doing lights for a Fluba Troupe show called, Lochum Klaphop as I have no memory of such activity, nor do I recall mucking up a few of the cues (can’t have been me!)


Nice specs, Frank

A post-rehearsal trip into the City for coffee at Le Scoops with Pip and then home to my (still apparently) messy room. Now being an urban gent these days, I can’t really believe that I kept an untidy room. The diary suggests I was hardly there apart from late night coffee and TV viewing.


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