8/5/1985 Crazy for 19

Aah! It seems I was after a new job. My diary contains a reminder to call Access Arts re: Job. Wonder what that was about? Apart from that little flutter of excitement, today was another one of those, “work-full-time-then-go-to-the-theatre” kid of days. 

Off the Top seemed to enjoying another week of cabaret each night and the show I’d been part of, Fluba Troupe’s, Lochum Klaphop – at least from a lighting operator’s perspective – opened to what I reported as a small audience. The late show was a little piece entitled, Rites, Wrongs and Off Beat Thongs which really could have been anythng. Still, I’m not sure you could mount a 10:30pm cabaret on a Wednesday night in Brisbane right now with anykind of success.

I felt it necessary to record in la diary that the Fluba Troupe show went really well technically and that I only made two small mistakes, but got all the hard stuff right. I frankly find the entry regarding mistakes unnecessary (and unverified!). Pip drove me home after the theatre and I felt it needed noting that we watched some really poor TV with Anne Jones and Ron Layne till midnight.


In other news, Madonna’s Crazy for You had finally knocked USA for Africa’s, We Are The World off the top of the US mainstream Top 40 and Paul Hardcastle had done the same with 19 on the UK charts.




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