9/5/1985 Order by Charlie


I’m still spending time looking for a job other than that which had me hauling crates of wine and spirits through the cellars of one of Wickham Terrace’s finest addresses. I was also demonstrating early signs of Urban Gent-ism by arranging flowers for my grandmother’s birthday the next day. Lunch today was a lonely affair at the ‘Yorktown Inn’ – now as I recall, it was one of four iconic restaurants which had the ‘Shingle Inn‘ as their flagship. There was also ‘Renoir’ and ‘Littleboys’ ans all were similar in fare and style. They covered each side of the block bounded by Adelaide, Albert, Queen and Edward Sts and legend had it that their underground kitchens were connected by a network of cake tunnels. Here endeth the history lesson. It was another dash home after work then dash back to the theatre for an 8pm call. In my guise as mild-mannered, lighting guy, I noted in my diary that the show was, “well thought out and written, but really needs a director.” – I guess I kept that to myself.


La Boite was still rolling along with Off the Top on Thursday, May 9 1985. I was doing the lights for Fluba Troupe’s Lochum Klaphop and even on a Thursday night, La Boite was putting on an 11:00pm show. The evening started with Order by Numbers doing A Few Short Wicks in Paradise, which is described in the all knowing (slightly grinning) Wikipedia as, a production that “took the side of the striking workers in opposing anti-union laws of the Bjelke-Petersen government. The founding members of Order By Numbers were Dee Martin, Penny Glass, Gavan Fenelon and Nat Trimarchi. Hugh Watson and Kerry O’Rourke were involved as writers.”

Fluba Troupe were after Order by Numbers, then a show called, Dogs which I sincerely hope was the Brisbane classic which had Kym Lynch and Sean Mee (I think) as a pair of snarling, yapping dogs, and the evening was topped off with the Charlie Owen Original Music Ensemble, which apart from obviously featuring Charlie himself, I can recall no other ensemble members.


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