10/05/1985 DJ Desimone

Friday the 10th May 1985 was almost a repeat of the 9th. I was still doing the lights for Fluba Troupe and La Boite was still chuggin’ along with Off the Top. Fluba Troupe  had the early show this night, 7pm – so I had a 6pm call. 

To get the incidental working day stuff out of the road, I felt it important enough to mention that I had a lonely lunch (and by that I mean without Pip) at the David Jones Coffee Lounge. Now there’s a place I haven’t thought about in decades – a wee cafetteria in the basement of DJ’s, tucked in behind the luggage, beyond the stationery and sporting a dozen shades of brown. They made passable coffee as I recall, and exotic things like lasagne and quiche.

DJ’s would have been the venue of choice given my lunch hour was spent in search of a Mother’s Day gift. I settled for a Desimone plate – you know, those brightly painted, naive style italian ones that were all the rage in the 80’s – I got one with a fish on it. It was also my Grandmother’s birthday on this day (you may recall my arranging flowers yesterday – what an Urban Gent!)


Desimone Fish Platter

Anyway, the Fluba Troupe show went well and I hung in the foyer chatting with Rick Caskey and Michael Whelan after the show.


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