11/5/1985 Bump me sleepy

Well, this is sure to make fascinating reportage. Saturday May 11th 1985 will go down in my personal history as the day I couldn’t sleep – if I believe myself and go with the account written in my diary. Still 1985, so Saturday work still meant morning only, then in a blinding flash of planning ahead and the knowledge that it was the final night of La Boite’s cabaret fest, Off the Top – I headed home to sleep.


State of the Art

Techy types like myself didn’t think “Partay!” when it was final night of a show – those of us in black left that kind of activity to the champagne quaffing artistes. No, none of that headache in a bottle for us – just graft. We had to contend with the curiously named, bump-out – an activity that commenced almost as soon as the final curtain came down. Sets broken down; lights lowered and de-geled; costumes packed and stored; floors painted; extra equipment stowed and packed – the theatre returned to a bare box ready for the next production to bump-in. Itwas an all tech hands on deck activity and this one got underway at 1am and finally completed at 8:30am.

In preparation from for this epic adventure, I had gone home to sleep after work and reported that I tried everything to get to sleep. Pleasingly I list as the first thing I tried, drinking a beer (beer in the afternoon makes me sleepy now?). After trying beer, I tried eating and only then, apparently, did I try covering my eyes and watching a boring video. Zut Alors! I’d have no such trouble today. All these scientifically devised sleep inducements failed.

I went to La Boite and watched the closing night – Dogs, Roach Approach, Fluba Troupe (with me on the lights – LX for those in the know), Followed by Order by Numbers and Gerry Connolly et al. My sleep-deprived self wrote that I enjoyed all the shows except Order by Numbers because they “too angry for my liking”.

A bump-out ensued…


Buga Up – 1985



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