13/5/1985 Poor sick Paddy

So after the huge day reported yesterday, I’m shocked to report that on May 13, 1985, I took a disingenuous day’s leave by purporting to have a migraine. Let me apologise now to Wing Cdr Whytecross, the United Service Club Secretary Manager of the time and let me further point out that I have never had a migraine in my life. A sicky! I wouldn’t have thunk it of me! Mind you sounds good – diary says I had a lovely day with Pip…

Seems to have been Hi Ho Indro – off to Indooroopilly Shoppingtown as it was quaintly known then. It was also quaintly only a two storey mall – I think Target was at the end and it only took a half hour or so to walk up one level then back down the other. I bought a blind for my room.

Westfield Ad – 1988

After the dizzying expanse of Indro – we headed to that other favourite of the80’s – Paddy’s Market at Teneriffe. Paddy’s was a haven for vintage clothes shopping, although that almost sounds a bit ‘hipster’. I think we called them 2nd hand then, or Op Shop – only the arty amongst us were into ‘vintage’ as a concept. Paddy’s also had a floor devoted to fabric.


The Pot Shop in the foreground is where Beccofino is

This day I left with a bath robe (dark green polka dotted cotton as I recall). I also felt the need to describe a suit I had seen as being, “the world’s loudest, most irradescent, designed for Tony Pantano” suit I had ever encountered. Don’t remember Tony’s suits, but it sounds like I should.



Pip and I then visited a window dressing warehouse (the multiple question marks after this entry suggest I didn’t know why then either…) and afterwards I headed off to Triple Zed for an announcers meeting. Those Triple Zed meetings were my ‘Intro to meeting procedures-101’. 10 to 15 scruffy, mostly barefooted (never me!), saviours of the free world would be draped around a collection of rotting, ripped furniture on a carpet that spewed dust clouds with every step in the foyer of the fabled Triple Zed studios on the basement of University of Qld Refectory Building. I can’t remember what we talked about – but there was a core of paid announcers and a corps of volunteer ones; there was always passion, and; there were occassionally hissy fits (or was that station meetings?). I know we often talked about keeping the studio clean and putting away your records and making spots and making sure the logging tapes were running and changing the foamy bits on the mics and headphones. And we talked about how many records were being nicked and the need for security – just normal stuff really. 

We should have talked about how to avoid bubonic plague in the kitchen and bathrooms. My day finished at Pip’s place.


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