14/5/1985 Can’t find a better Myer.

Just another quiet Tuesday – not too dissimilar from my last Tuesday in 2012. 14 May 1985 was notable for the fact that I had paid off my Toshiba 14-inch Portable Colour TV and was free of debt to Myer. You will note that I have specified that the machine was indeed a ‘colour’ TV, because in those days Black & White was still an option (and a much cheaper option at that).


Old Myer Store – Queen Street.

No sooner had I freed myself the clutches of those corporate b’stards than I signed up for a Myer Card (and happily too, according to the jaunty note I made in my brown diary – “They said I was a sinch (sic) for one.”) I shake my worldy 2012 head at my younger self. Mind you, I do recall that the Myer of 1985 shared little with today’s Myer. They had service counters and cash registers everywhere – they had shop assistants who actually knew about their products and didn’t just read the box to you when asked about the difference between two toasters, or record players, or anything really. There weren’t any of those shop assistants who throw their arms in the air with a silly smile and proclaim that they don’t work for Myer and their store card had not yet (quite) been sold off to GE Money along with their soul. It was a better Myer – they even had a cafeteria.

Mr Diary tells me that Anne Jones picked me up from work and we went home and cooked up a lamb curry, which was consumed during a quiet dinner before dual early retirements. So much for this diary providing a mine of fodder for a blog!

I shall dip into the Google-ated archives of the 1980’s and pad with some ‘found items’.


1985 Highlight


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