16/5/1985 Why why why, Buranda?

I’ll tell you what – May was a tough 1985-ian month. 16th was a Thursday and the action was not near me. 

My diary told me to phone Amanda Falconer, now near as I recall, she was a member of the La Bamba gang; a UQ Activities Coordinator; special friend of a close friend; cyclist and all round one of those folk who you just knew. If we’d all known then that she would soar to the heady heights of Kochy and Mel guestdom, we would have had no idea what that meant – Kochy and Mel hadn’t been invented yet. No idea why I had to call her – just know that I neglected to.

Wracked with guilt – or maybe not – I bussed it home after work and we hit the by now all too familiar shopping trail. No idea why, but our chosen mall was that at Buranda. I hate Buranda to this day. Dusty, shadeless, crappy and filled with escapees with oozy dressings from the hospital across the road, but obviously we were attracted there by something – I don’t recall the Woolworth’s there being anything to write home about. Once again I have cause to whine about spending $76 on a mere four bags of groceries – these would have been the larger brown paper bags however, not the plastic ones they inflict upon us now.


Buranda Shopping Mall has no redeeming features

Home via a drink at Pip’s place – which became a collection of Pip – and time for a Thursday night video. Chose Gorky Park despite an obviously luke-warm review from Leonard Maltin.


Leonard was our guide through videoland then. His eagerly awaited annual book of movie reviews graced our, and all our friends, coffee tables and we were always eager to see him on ETW. Leonard was our main man of the movies (obviously before David Stratton came on the scene!). In the case of Gorky Park, both Leonard and I agreed that the film was basically good, but almost ruined by the Hollywood necessity for a love-interest.


Leonard Maltin – Movie Main Man


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