17/5/1985 The God must be crazy


A bit of 80’s spice, eh? Russ Hinze showing off…

The Brisbane Theatre scene must have been distraught – 17/5/1985 – a Friday, but sadly – no La Bamba to entertain the night-owls. La Bamba, the late night cabaret (for want of a better description) was always to fit in around La Boite’s main house productions and the main house was preparing for Peter Kenna’s seriously catholic drama, A Hard God, which apparently involved things far too technical to stop and fill the theatre with a bunch of smoking, port swilling, beer drinking young folk, so there was a night off to be had.


Albert Cinemas – Albert St City

I’m disappointed to report that I spent it at a movie that I now rate quite poorly. Pip and I went to see, and I don’t know why – it was released five years earlier – The Gods Must be Crazy. Don’t even know where we saw it, but it did provide the opportunity for late night coffee at Le Scoops in the city on the way home.



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