18/5/1985 33 minutes from Shoki


Prime Minister – 1985

Another Saturday morning at work in the cellar. 18th May. Took a (documented) 33 minute walk home from work – I was so specific! That meant home by 1:03pm and immediately, according to my source, into the washing and bad TV.

The evening proved much more uplifting and featured dinner at a restaurant called, Shoki II in the Valley. Sounds like it was Japanese, so no wonder I wrote that the food wasn’t too good – My current love of Japanese food is relatively a recent thing that built slowly over the years and was cemented into place after a recent trip to Tokyo. The meal took second place to the company according to the tome. Pip and I dined with Anne Jones, Buffy Lavery, Damien Ledwich and Lewis Norman and I’m forced to agree with myself that this crew would have made for a fine evening out. (Been a long time since this bunch have been referred to as a ‘crew’, I’m betting!).

I have no idea where Shoki II was and the Google-ator doesn’t either – saying the Valley narrows it down and my hunch is that it was probably either in Wickham or Brunswick Sts – someone say if they know…

This was rating well in 1985… (with no help from me)


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