19/5/1985 Marxism. Levitation. INXS

I sense my enthusiasm waining. 19th May 1985 and a quiet Sunday is not what I was hoping for. Long breakfasts and long walks are all very appealling – I had both of them today, in 2012 – but not the stuff of entertaining reading. So I walked from New Farm to Highgate Hill, or nearly did. Rain attacked at Woolloongabba forcing me to seek alternative transport to Pip’s house. No mention of the transport mechanism – could have been levitation for all I cared to note in my diary.


Still had these back then…

Once at Pip’s house, I expected my diary to precis the existential assertions and Russian philosophical dialecticism that was naturally the source of our intellectual stimulation over the course of the evening – John Caskey thoughtfully sucking on his pipe, me thumbing through a well worn copy of a tome on historical materialism, Pip pondering market economy ideology – but no, the Countdown Music and Video Awards were on telly and INXS was sweeping all before it, scooping the 1984 honours pool.

Our chance to dabble in a little postprandial Marxism was likewise ambushed by a Hitchcock video, Spellbound which, although it obviously adressed none of our metaphysical wonderings, kept us well entertained.




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