20/5/1985 New Order of mince on toast


Monday always means back to work and the 20th May 1985 could find no other meaning. Pip collected me after work and we motored out to Milton to a La Bamba meeting in the early evening. As I read on I shall adapt that to read, “a short La Bamba meeting…”.

I felt the need to report that the maximum temperature that day was 17 – quite Brisbane cool and that the antidote I had conjured up was savoury mince on toast for dinner. Quite predictable of course, comfort food when the temp drops.

I only reported one other piece of news on this day 27 years ago, and it looms large as a portent of disaster – the arrival of a Myer Card! Had I been urbane and cool, I would have been at Easts Rugby League Club in Stones Corner on this night for New Order, supported by Lets Go Naked and Lovs e Blur. Thats where all the cool kids wold have been – not at home whipping up mince on toast and staring at a credit card. Geesh – wake up to myself!


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