21/5/1985 Spot the golfball


21/5/85 and the fact that Ramadan began on this day completely escaped mention in my pre-Islam aware youth. No, I was more concerned it seemed with promoting La Bamba through the media of accessible broadcast radio, namely 4ZZZ, where for a reason that I’ve never quite understood, we could (and I’m prepared to say it now, 27 years along) advertise our theatre shows.

I’d nip in late at night and produce some amusing, heavily accented 30 second plug, record it onto a cartridge and pop it into the studio with a brightly coloured label to catch the announcers eye and they’d play it – over and over again. I’d also type an index card with the details of the show on’t and it would get read out over and over again. (I need to add that when I say ‘type’ – I mean type – on a IBM golfball typewriter).


Our collective, for that is what we wished to known as, believed that if we simply kept doing this in a brash and confident manner, noone would question the practice – and they never did. We offerred a discount to subscribers and were like-minded so maybe that was enough. So that’s I did this day, I arranged for a card and a spot to be run/produced.


Spot Catridges


Spot Machine – The venerable Spotmaster. ZZZ had a couple

I also paid rent and prowled through the city Myer store unsuccessfully trying to christen my shiny, new and importantly, empty Myer card to no avail. After this non-eventful day, I lolloped home and cooked a spaghetti sauce which was consumed by Anne Jones and I late in the evening. I find it interesting that I wrote about preparing a ‘spaghetti’ sauce – in these modern days of culinary awareness I would doubtless have prepared a ‘pasta’ sauce, which sounds altogether much more cultured. I wonder when the change occurred…



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