22/5/1985 A hard God’s slacks


Good ole diary contains reminders to purchase a birthday gift for my brother (a little rash given it was days away) and a thinly veiled threat to self about getting a job application done. I believe that neither of these were achieved and instead, I record, I hit DJ’s in Queen Street during my lunch time and came away with a pair of Trent Nathan slacks (my diary describes them as trousers, but I’m sure they would have been slacks – it was Trent Nathan after all.) and a big white shirt. $64.95 were the slacks – a bargain I’m sure. I’m also sure that the events of that evening will have in some way have driven this purchase.


Opening night at La Boite – new shows always opened on Wednesdays. 22/5/1985 was Wednesday, therefore new show opened today.The new show was Peter Kenna’s A Hard God. Being on the La Boite board meant attendance was expected and schmoozing was required, although being the La Bamba rep with that rebel, enfant terribleaura, I could get away with lurking by the bar and smiling at the theatre stalwarts.

Opening nights at La Boite were always attended by the grand dames of the Brisbane Repertory Theatre   – chicks like Babette Stephens and Jennifer Blocksidge to name only a couple. There was also Merle (whose surname I cannot recall) who always sat in the front row and who baked a cake each opening night; there were a bevy of past presidents and contributors – it was always a jam-packed affair and a jam-packed affair withcatering is always a good night out. Free drinks and nibbles, all building to the moment when the actors appeared with tiny traces of make-up and wet hair and a sheepish, “is the show OK?” look on their faces. Even my diary remembers that A Hard God was “solid”, “good entertainment” and  that the cast was “excellent”.


Babette Stephens

I won’t let my diary see the review that is included below…


Semper – Issue 4 1985


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