23/5/1985 Cobblers


My work-a-day world continued a pace on Thursday 23/5/85. Quite dull my diary says, but as usual, the bulk of the story of the day gets underway after the work. Home I went and there to sit around, kicking rocks and slapping through magazines I expect, until 10pm, when I borrowed Anne Jones’ trusty greenish Mazda 626 and reported to La Boite Theatre to do a tech run for Friday night’s La Bamba.


Anne’s was the same – just green.

This seems special – not sure I’ve ever recalled doing a tech run for La Bamba. I did, though and finally made it home around 12.30am with a tired Ron Layne in tow (had found him deep in the theatre’s office). Apparently the tech run went well.

Not so an effort earlier in the day to collect several pairs of shoes lodged with the cobbler in New Farm. The cobbler in New Farm was an ancient gentleman, stooped over and with half spectacles perched on his nose. He had a leather apron and a range of uncollected shoes for sale. He also had numbers tattooed on his forearm and a wife who sat in the corner and kept an eye on the finances. He was an excellent shoe repairer and his shop is still there. I’d say it was his wife I fell foul of when I suggested that I might pay the outstanding collection fee with a cheque. No cheques – no shoes. I had no cash either and I needed $50 which was ample to return three pairs of skanky old shoes into masterpieces.

Flavour from the back in the day…


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