24/5/1985 Bubbles the Turtle


24th May 1985 – I’m sure this date is burned into our collective mind as the day Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. Yes? John Sculley, lured from PepsiCo by Jobs, played the devil in this corporate play. Sadly, no mention of this in my diary, though I swear I was a fan-boy then.

Got a lift to work with my work off-sider, Frank Giuffre, who was what we called back then, “a colourful, racing identity” and Sicilian. Frank was a sweet man from an un-sweet family and apart from working for me in cellars, kept door at Bubbles Bathhouse in the Valley (among other ‘cash-on-the-night’ activities). My day at work was cut in half by lunch with Pip at the Capri Cafe – not sure if this was in an arcade near the Brisbane Club, or in Albert St, near Prouds. I also procured a model airplane for my brother’s birthday gift. The shoes held hostage by the cobbler in New Farm yesterday were liberated, courtesy of a crisp $50 note, and my diary suggests that this was excellent money spent as both pairs of shoes were now new-like.

This was a day of cramming – after work, Anne Jones collected me for to do the shopping and I cooked pepper steak for dinner, before heading off to La Boite at 9:30pm. As it was a Friday night, it was a La Bamba night and the show we’d put together was a little light -on, if not high-quality. It featured Steven Novak, who I had gone to school with doing something he didn’t do when we were at school together and which I cannot remember the details of, other than a very strong memory that it may have involved a lycra jump suit. Russell Lake was also on the bill – his schtick was a film-noir detective as I recall, and very funny. Where the show fell over though, was reported as when the projector broke down and the film was awful anyway. I don’t know what the film was, but we would occassionally order 16mm films from the Australian Film Archive – they were cheap and very light on the royalties

In other parts of sleepy Brisberg, the Furious Turtles and Paul Kelly were playing.


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