25/5/1985 Pancake Up, Pancake Down


The 25th May has always been my brother’s birthday – and so it was in 1985. My brother, Adrian is 4 years younger than me and a disabled pensioner. He always lived with my Dad. This day being a Saturday meant I had to work till 12:30pm. After work there were birthday pancakes to be had at The Pancake Manor, in Charlotte St where I joined my mum, her husband, Don and his son Martin as well as my brother, Adrian for triple stacks and swiss shakes. Could the Pancake Place be described as an enigma? It must have been going for 30 years, mostly empty, completely unchanged, very grimy and I shudder to think of the number of litres of maple syrup that have poured through the venue.


Pancake Manor in Charlotte St

Got a lift home after pancake gutsing and began preparing dinner – must have been a family night with Buffy Lavery, Ron Layne, Damien Ledwich, Anne Jones and Pip Cleary all there. I boastfully wrote in my diary that I made the hors d’oeuvres (which is possibly a little flasher than I was used to), the roast and veges and the dessert – I actually wrote ‘desert’, but thought I could slip it by – unless I did actually make a desert – Heston could have. Dinner broke up at 1am.

I note from the ‘What’s On’ clip above that Ups and Downs were playing at a venue called the Op Shop. Now I don’t remember a venue being called this, but I do remember Ups and Downs. Yet another band to emerge from Corinda High School and based around the brothers Atkinson, who were childhood friends.



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