26/5/1985 Knock and Tap and Ring


A Sunday morning shift on 4ZZZ. I really enjoyed the Sunday morning shifts – it was quiet at the station and I’d usually ploughed through the Saturday papers looking for little articles that would go well with songs that I wanted to play. When you arrived at ZZZ for a shift, your first challenge was to get in – there was an intercom by the door that a. rarely worked or b. flashed a small light in the studio. You could hear the announcer on air through the monitors in the foyer – you’d tap on the glass or shake the doors and press the intercom button and often a bleary-eyed announcer would appear on a quick trip to the toilet or a pablo instant coffee run to the urn in the kitchen and let you in. Often they would come out looking for their relief announcer and find you, face up against the glass, glowering.


Triple Zed at UQ, St Lucia

This Sunday I ran late. This was problematic because you couldn’t get enough records into the record bin before you started to last you the whole 3 hour shift. You had to keep selecting long tracks and running back into the library to find more records, which was a difficult exercise because more often than not the last 25 announcers had not filed their records away and the ones you were after were in any number of piles around the room. Correct practice was to take a record from the shelf and pull out the one next to it so you could easily replace it after use. Running late was also problematic because of the $7.30 cab fare from New Farm to St Lucia.

I finished my shift at 1pm and walked back to the West End ferry – caught the ferry over to Hill End (Hill End being one of those localities that residents like to claim for their own sense of exclusiveness – Hill End is not West End – Merthyr is not New Farm) where my Nanna lived in Ryan St. From there Sunday devolved into afternoon tea with my brother and father till a cab took me home.


Nanna’s House – Ryan St, Hill End

Very lack lustre if I say so myself.


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