27/5/1985 The meeting that went a little long


Monday the 27th May, 1985 featured a La Bamba meeting that went a little long.

I’m starting to worry about my life back then! How did I cope with such excitement. Not only did this meeting “drag on”, but it was poorly attended. Poor attendance at meetings these days is certainly not a recipe for dragging them on – something obviously went awry. The meeting was followed by a quick trip to the Valley with Ron Layne, Buffy Lavery, Anne Jones and Pip for a dinner at the Cathay. Which I think I recall was on the corner where the Chinatown Mall meets Wickham St – I may be wrong.

Dinner was over and we were home by 11pm, which I record was just in time to see one of the worst films ever. A film that I believed was wonderfully bad and I which I do not recall ever seeing, but reading the reviews now I wish I did. Starflight One with an all-star cast – Lee Majors, Hal Linden, Lauren Hutton to name but a stellar few.


So I’m sitting at home with my house buddies watching crap movies on TV, while in the City, not 10 minutes away, there are two of the eras finest films, Eating Raoul and Diva playing. Boat missed.


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