28/5/1985 Queenslander! Duddy!

Now I’ll tell what I’m pleased about – I’m pleased to be able to inform you that 28 May 1985 was game one of the State of Origin series. I’m even pleaseder to say that my diary is totally oblivious to that fact. Not a mention do I make. No hint of maroon or blue tints those mouldy old pages. I was a rugby league hater then as I am now. Perhaps hate is a little strong. Maybe I’m a rugby league disdainer – if that’s less than a hater (I’m not sure). Well done me.

Maybe it’s confession time, or at least time for a little insight to the naissance of this urban gent. I grew up with Rugby League. My Pop loved the game and we headed off to Lang Park most Sundays, after I’d finished polishing the outdoor taps, the Holden ute’s hub caps, the water heater in the bathroom; the Hecla toaster and the cutlery if needed. My Nanna would do a roast lunch, which we would eat on trays in the lounge room while we watched the replay of Four Corners. Then, apple pie barely devoured, we’d jump in the ute and drive from Hill End to Milton where we’d park in the driveway of APM’s salvage depot in Castlemaine St and walk around to the Frank Bourke Stand – we stopped to buy doubles on the way in and would then watch the elite of the BRL competition go at it. After the football, Pop would drop me near the Victoria Bridge and I’d catch the bus home to Mt Gravatt. So when did Rugby League die for me? About the same time as the Brisbane Competition got superceded by the NRL I’d say – too serious.


All that ignoring of the “mate v mate – state v state” shite does not, however, make my evening any more interesting. Quiet night in with a couple of videos seems to be the football avoidance technique I plumped for on this occasion. Pip came over and we watched The Apprencticeship of Duddy Kravitz – the film which accrding to all reports, put Richard Dreyfuss on the map (!). I had another film to watch which missed out on a screening due to Rock Arena sidetracking us. I actually remember that other film quite vividly – I’m sure all who have ever seen it will remember it always, but I didn’t watch it till tomorrow (I checked ahead…) so I shouldn’t waste it here on this night of footy nights so entirely ignored.


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