30/5/1985 Bond the builder


Thursday meant late night shopping in 1985 – in the suburbs at least. Shops all closed at 5pm every other night, but managed to linger until 9pm on Thursdays. The 30th May and a meeting at Triple Zed straight after work.

I first met with Danielle Bond at Triple Zed, then we met with Dave Aberdeen, a quiet, passionate, practical man who was one of the ‘Builders‘ – an elite amongst Zed Heads who had participated in the building of the studios some 10 years earlier and new how to keep the techish things humming along. The others at this mysterious meeting, the reason for which is not documented and is now lost in time, were Mark Bracken, a colourful radio identity never far from his 2lt juice bottle and Steve Sharpe, who I recall was a journo at the station (I think). Mydiary says we seemed to sort everything out – whatever everything was. So I guess that was good?





Anne Jones collected me from St Lucia and we did our weekly share-housey shopping thing at Toowong Woolworths, successfully apparently. That house in New Farm was one of the easiest share-houses I ever lived in. Anne, Ron and I got on well – we liked each others partners and friends. We liked cooking and eating. We never argued (that I recall) and our house was comfortable, relatively clean and well- appointed. Share-house nirvana I guess.

Anyway, Pip came over when we got home and this we celebrated by watching TV and cooking steaks.

I note that my diary contains an upper case reminder to “PREPARE FREEBIE PROGRAMME FOR KAREN” and that there is no reference to this in the main entry – I smell failure here.


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