31/5/1985 Cubana Brut


Friday 31 May and as usual this diary starts after work, today with a haircut at Randall & Thomas in Albert St – don’t remember this salon, I know they had one at the top of Queen St and one at Indooroopilly. After the cut is was off to the Cubana Cafe, also in Albert St as I recall, for a snack and then a quick visit to Sportsgirl and to one of my favourite shops, Just Men, a tiny shop in the Pavilion Arcade on the corner of Albert & Queen Sts.

I really did like that shop – I report in my diary that I even bought Pip a pair of shoes for her birthday from there. Brown suede and she loved ’em. After all this city flitting, we headed out to Milton and to La Boite for La Bamba, which featured Order by Numbers, an off-shoot or natural progression or evolution from the Popular Theatre Troupe, formed by Gavan Fenelon, Penny Glass, Dee Martin and some other folks – didn’t record what they did. There were also two short 16mm films, Cafe Love and Roma for which I also have no details. There was an audience of some 100 and Pip and I worked on the bar dispensing the famous La Bamba $1 a cup port. I used to get 10l casks of Brown Bros Tawny Port through my cellar and we would go through a startling amount each Friday night.

Of course, we also sold beers and Minchinbury Champagne (as we called it back then), although we may have moved to Seaview Brut for a perceived shift up-market. We had vile drip-through Kona coffee and those funky little glass bottles of Coke which I would buy from the Coke Factory in James St.


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