1/6/1985 Starman & Debbie


Winter had ariven – even in 1985. With June came the winter proper and with June came more Saturday morning work. With June also came a bubble bath after work and a bus ride to Highgate Hill to Pip and John’s house in Dorchester Street.

John and I were off to the Rialto cinema to see Metropolis which sadly wasn’t on till tomorrow, so we settled for a nearby Vietnamese meal before walking in to the City – still with a movie in our sights. We wanted Starman, which sadly wasn’t on till next week. By this stage, now being resolved to an evening without a film, we made for the nearest Las Vegas and hit the video games. I tire from video games quite quickly, probably because I’ve never been very good at them, so I find it unsurprising that we eventually made Le Scoops for coffee and sweets.


As unsurprising as that sojourn was, it was surprising to discover that we returned to a gaming parlour, Playtime, for more video games prior to cabbing it back to Dorchester St to watch Tim and Debbie on TV.


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