2/6/1985 The Bengali dump run

Sunday June 2th. A working bee! At La Boite Theatre. I started the day off with a brisk walk from Highgate Hill to La Boite, where Andrew Raymond and I, with the assistance of Tony Auckland, erected a pair of large La Boite signs on Hale St, in front of the theatre. That seemed to take all of 4 hours – a true testament to my construction skills.

After the signs – it was time for that old favourite of the working bee, the fill-the-truck-with-crap-and-take-it-to-the-dump run. I believe we called it a dump then – not some wanky refuse exchange centre, but a good old fashioned dump of the type our fathers used to let us steer the Belmont Station Wagon through. Well in my case, the Toyota Crown – dumps were special places and if you played your cards right, you come away with more than you took. And there were the dump people, who inhabited little hovels built out of found items and wielded their power with abandon, controlling their dump and making those smart-arsed suburbanites reverse trailers at their whim. We chose one at Ferny Grove.

Yesterday’s diary featured a large printed reminder that Lindy-Mae Woodward was in town this weekend. She was a former ZZZ journo, good person, nice person and happy person. Tonight would be dinner with her, Anne Jones, Buffy Lavery, Damien Ledwichand Matt Mawson at the Bengali Curry House,


Damien Ledwich

conveniently located above Centenary Pool. (Ain’t it funny – just had a curry tonight). Nowadays it’s my son’s orthodontist that’s conveniently located above the Centenary Pool.


Oh, and I should mention that this was still number one in Australia…


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