3/6/1985 South Park, Toowoomba

Monday June the 3rd – still wotking, still La Boite-ing. I had a 6:30pm meeting at La Boite with Ross Muller, who I believe I attended school with, to discuss his bringing a show called, Helen Keller – The Musical to Brisbane later in the year.

If you listened to our favourite helper, Monsieur Google, you’d belive that the only mention of Helen Keller – The Musical, ever recorded was in South Park in 2000, but no – we were discussing a production in 1985. A note that my diary informs me that Pip was in Toowoomba at the moment (the addendum in brackets insists that was missing her) and that Anne Jones took me home after the meeting and we ate chili con carne.

What a short-ived, low action day this was! I need something a little more upbeat to sustain this blog…


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