4/6/1985 Rent-a-coat

If this exercise is to determine my roots – I have no idea how I managed to become the me I am now. Unless of course I haven’t changed a bit and have always been 50-ish. June 4th 1985 was a day I paid the rent for both my abode and my video player. That seems to be the highlight. 

I did manage to do some of the minutes for the La Boite Theatre board meeting a few days prior. I did manage to have dinner after work at Pip’s place – flash forward 27 years and I managed to do a document for Pip and have dinner with her tonight. Pip took me home and I watched Rock Arena and chatted till midnight.

Hang on – down the bottom of the page there’s a little note that says I got my coat from Chrissy $75. I remember that coat – it was my pride and joy for a number of years. Chrissy was Chrissy Feld and the coat was a Bell Tower one. Quite a long coat as I recall – mid-calf, and a patterned navy blue canvassy kind of fabric. The kind of coat that went ever so well with soft, pirate-style boots, a shirt with diagonal buttons and a coiff.


Bell Tower was in a space on the top floor of what is now the Judith Wright Centre in the Valley, which was occupied by a number of visual artists and designers some of whom dwelt there. It was one fabulous jacket. It went well with my extremely pointy suede Italian boots as well.

Speaking of pointy boots and coiffs… (I’m cheating four years to 1989)



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