6/6/1985 Pity the fool who eats at Jimmy’s


Queensland Day – 6th June 1985. As big a deal then as it is now. I celebrated Queensland Day by heading to the City in my lunch hour to collect a pair of jeans that I was having altered (stove-pipe-ified if I remember correctly) and followed that up with, probably the only time I’ve ever, lunched at Jimmy’s on the Mall. This date is also notable as the day they changed Lotto – the all-knowing Googlator told me they changed it from picking 6 from 40 to picking 6 from 45. 

Jimmy’s provided me with lasagne and a pro-abortion rally provided me with entertainment and in return, I provided Pip with some flowers I arranged and had sent. After that, I assume I scurried back up the tunnel to Wickham Tce. I used to take that tunnel almost every day – the one that runs from ANZAC Square up to the bottom of the Wickham Tce Carpark – then up the lift to Wickham Tce and over the road to The United Service Club.

My evening, it is noted, began with a Mr T Bubble Bath


– pity the fool who doesn’t value personal cleanliness – then Pip collected me at 7:30pm and spent a few pleasant hours at her sister, Gerry’s house in Toowong. Now I don’t know what was happening at Gerry’s, and I don’t know where the Mr T Bubble Bath came from, nor can I imagine what possessed me to eat at Jimmy’s on the Mall. I only know that it’s fact, because it’s written in my diary.


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