7/6/1985 Sugar and celibacy


Friday night = La Bamba night in Brisbane of yore. Well, if not yore, at least Brisbane of June 7th 1985. Mr Diary tells me a sad tale of La Bamba this night. The phrase, “complete fuck-up of an evening” seems to jump off the mouldy page at me.

The bill is not complete in my record – it only shows that Sugar & Spite were performing for 45 minutes. This was a Company that involved Paul Sugars as I recalled – get it? I have no record or idea of what they did or how they did it and I can’t imagine that Paul would have been involved in anything catastrophic.


Paul Sugars

I had gone to La Bamba expressly to undertake bar duties and ended up doing lights and sound – a band, now nameless, arrived sans cymbals and dancers appeared unexpectedly. Awful apparently.

I guess not many would have been there as I note that The Celibate Rifles were across the river at Easts Leagues Club, with not one, but two support acts (according to the listing in Semper).

Fortunately, Friday nights also seem to have been shopping with Anne Jones nights, so I did manage a trip to the Coles New World in New Farm and as I recollect, these trips were always successful.


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