8/6/1985 Party like it’s 1985

What’s an urban lad to do with a lazy Saturday 8th June, 1985? I’ll tell you what I did – I braved the wilds of Logan to Stage Manage an event for the Logan City Council called a FREEBIE, which I’m certain was an acronym for something, but I can’t remember what. This was a gig arranged through Anne Jones, I think, and it involved wrangling Brisbane mega-stars.

Ostensibly a birthday celebration for the Logan Council, this blockbuster extravaganza featured The Brakes with Kim Durant, Witz EndThe Hilltop Holdout Blue Grass Band and a special appearance by none other than Jill and Agro with the


1980’s spunk-bubble, Kim Durant


whole event hosted by FM104’s BBQ Bob Gallagher. Naturally the Council had spared no expense and put on a sausage sizzle and some fire-crackers to end the night (all over by 7:30pm).


I borrowed my mother’s car for the run to Logan – just me and the open road and the British racing green Datsun 180B Station Wagon. I don’t recall much about the day, but I think I recall Kim Durant sitting in a Falcon station wagon until her call to the stage. Dear Mr Diary asserts that there were food riots, autograph hunter packs and more kids than you could poke seven sticks at. It must have gone OK.


An orange, British racing green Datsun 180B

Elsewhere in my life that day – Ron Layne was having a birthday; La Bamba was having a Saturday night show, re-running Sugar & Spite’s efforts from Friday night, and; Ian Gray was having a party at his Emporer St home in Annerley, I should think. Pip and I went to the party later in the evening and, by all reports, experienced a grand affair.


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