9/6/1985 Stairway to stooges

Sunday 9th June 1985 and my only responsibility for the day was the 10am till 2pm shift on Triple Zed, which made for a tiny sleep in.

By my report, the shift went well although I was moved to write about a plague of phone calls. Sundays, in fact weekends, on Triple Zed were lonely affairs – no admin support, just you and the damn phone. You’d learn to leave it off the hook if it rang too much ’cause it made for rushed radio and it’s very hard to cue records while one hand is holding the phone and one ear is occupied by the phone. Inevitably the caller would either want a request, or want to engage you in a discussion on whether Stairway to Heaven was really Spirit’s, Taurus. Either that or they wanted Wayne Goss’s phone number – Goss and Downey were a law firm whose number was permanently affixed to the studio wall and proffered to those who rang in for advice after being busted.

The debate still rages

Still and all a good time was had by me – I did enjoy those shifts and I did them for several years and always striving for the perfect mix (the other trick that was always fun was, I think called ‘flanging’, where you’d put the same record on both turntables and get them playing exactly the same before fractionally slowing one. You get the same effect with a flanger on your guitar and it’s used at the end of J Geils Band’s, Freeze Frame… I’m told).


So life like!

I must have whiled away the afternoon and suffered some kind of illness that prevented me from changing the television channel – the diary says I watched Fame with Pip – kind of like the Glee of the 80’s. Should have gone to the Rialto where they were screening a Three Stooges festival.



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